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NavigationArts Wins 3 Web Marketing Association Awards for our clients!


Thinking Big

Clark Construction

Digital Innovation

Reimagining how our clients can do business in the digital world.

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University Website Design

Mobile & Responsive

A responsive design approach engages users wherever they are. Web. Tablets. Mobile.

User Experience

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PFC Energy

Critical Thinking

User-centered digital strategies help our clients surpass their competition.

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National Aquarium

Immersive Design

Exciting and memorable visual experiences guide users through digital channels.




Platinum Partner

NavArts is one of only 7 Sitecore partners in the USA with 4 or more certifications.


Drupal 7 Content Management


NavArts brings proven process and UX skills to the popular open-source platform.

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Marriott International

Multisite design creates seamless booking across more than 3,000 properties.




Cutting-edge design to revolutionize the world of user experience.


Content Guide

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Give content as much attention as the design, code and testing of your site.

DrupalCon 2015


Webinar: DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015- How Drupal secured the defense sector



NavigationArts combines our extensive user experience skills with our knowledge of SharePoint to design UX specifically for SharePoint.

How would SharePoint as a collaborative and social business tool change your organization?

Many organizations struggle to get the most out of their SharePoint investment.  NavigationArts specializes in SharePoint user experience designs that:

  • Increase user adoption
  • Foster collaboration
  • Enhance knowledge management
  • Create efficiencies
  • Provide unified user experiences

User experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage for both your customers using the web and for your company using your technology. We also believe SharePoint doesn't have to look like SharePoint!

SharePoint 2010

provides a robust foundation, and NavigationArts enhances the experience by focusing on:

  • Branding – master page and page layouts
  • Information architecture – navigational structures, metadata, content types, and search scoping
  • Interaction design – user interface components and custom web parts
  • Governance – defining the “rules of the road” for managing the solution

Microsoft SharePoint Technology Partners:

NavigationArts concentrates on user experience and design for SharePoint.  We turn to one of our trusted Microsoft SharePoint Technology Partners for implementations.