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The Phillips Collection 

Modern LeaderThe Phillips Collection

The distinguished modern art museum needed a better way to showcase its collection and programming. NavigationArts’ vibrant digital design brings home the idea of modern art with a sense of intimacy.

2013 WMA WebAward Winner for Outstanding Website in the Arts

"Working with the talented designers and other staff at NavigationArts, we were able to realize our goals for the website. The new site conveys the special ambience of the museum and its diverse activities with an engaging design and intuitive navigation.”

Ann Greer, Director of Communications and Marketing  for The Phillips Collection

The Challenge

The Phillips Collection needed a better way to surface its valuable content with a contemporary look and feel, to allow easier access to information for museum visitors, patrons, and web and mobile users. The Phillips hoped to engage potential visitors, partners, and contributors through a modernized, interactive website and mobile redesign.

The Solution

Phillips Mobile Website DesignTo achieve The Phillips Collection’s primary goals, NavigationArts created a beautiful, interactive design that highlighted the museum’s valuable content and allowed users to access important data more easily. In addition to user experience and design functionality, the new site also highlighted underlying business goals that were identified through stakeholder interviews and wireframe models. These included:

  • Awareness: create a more enticing digital presence to match the unique, contemporary feel of the physical museum
  • Education: provide more information and resources for patrons, students, and artists including program information, lecture schedules, event information, and other educational opportunities offered by the museum
  • Interactivity: create an engaging site through dynamic displays of exhibitions, the collection, programs, education, and events
  • Simplification: revitalize the information architecture so guests have a quick and easy way to get to relevant information
  • Socialization: integrate social media components throughout the site that nurture ongoing relationships with the public

Project Results Included:

  • Stimulated visual design that artfully showcased The Phillips Collection’s array of exhibitions,collection, and programming
  • Reorganized content strategy that establishes Phillips’ presence in the world of modern and contemporary art

CMS Selection: Drupal

NavigationArts migrated the Phillips Collection website to the Drupal platform to promote ease of management for its 15+ editors in charge of keeping the website’s sections up-to-date and providing a rich content experience to visitors. Drupal’s content-centric nature allows editors to focus on what matters most – the wealth of exhibitions, events, and multimedia.

Drupal Views surface this data in many places across the site automatically in lists, calendars, promos, and features that keep the site looking fresh and relevant, while its media capabilities and image styles give editors the flexibility to leverage a single source image from the media library for both wide banner images and small thumbnails alike.

Drupal’s granular roles and permission system allows Phillips site administrators to selectively grant access to editing different types of content, and enables multi-stage approval workflows to allow for distributed entry of content with publishing oversight.

Drupal is an industry-standard open source CMS with strong community support, and its solid foundation will allow Phillips to easily develop and extend its website in the future.

The Client

In 1921, The Phillips Collection opened its doors as America’s first museum of modern art. Today, The Phillips Collection is one of the world’s most distinguished collections of modern and contemporary American and European art. Characterized by a personal atmosphere, the Phillips offers a strikingly original and experimental approach to modern art, stressing the continuity between art of the past and present, fulfilling its mission as “an intimate museum combined with an experiment station.”



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