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100+ WebsitesHealthSouth Corporation

Unifying HealthSouth’s corporate website and 105 hospital sites onto one Sitecore platform enables content reuse, removes barriers for the web teams, and lets HealthSouth expose their individual community involvement.

The Client

HealthSouth Corporation (NYSE: HLS) is one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. HealthSouth has a unique, intensive, team approach to rehabilitation, consistently returning patients to full-recovery significantly faster than its peers.

The Challenge

U.S. hospitals and clinics face enormous hurdles today, struggling to reconcile financial challenges with healthcare reform, an obtuse insurance industry, lagging technology, and patient satisfaction. Metrics reveal traditionally low traffic volume on hospital websites, and even less dwell time for potential patients and their families who struggle to understand the institution’s value proposition and connect with hospital staff before and after treatment.

With 105 websites all running under the HealthSouth name but with vastly differing content, design, architecture, and no central content management system, HealthSouth was struggling to establish its core identity throughout all its locations.

Prior to engaging NavigationArts, HealthSouth had worked with a digital consultancy that had implemented a powerful Content Management System (CMS), but had never trained HealthSouth staff on how to use or customize it. Lack of communication with the vendor had left HealthSouth incredibly frustrated. The organization was ready to invest in revitalizing their image through the web, but needed help envisioning an encompassing solution that addressed all constituents’ needs.

The Solution

Through stakeholder interviews, NavigationArts and HealthSouth identified the main areas to be addressed in the website redesign:

  • Hospital core objective of attracting and retaining patients
  • Educating patients and the community via digital touch points that show HealthSouth as an engaged and caring corporation inside and outside hospital walls
  • Engaging job seekers by recruiting for key positions at the local level
  • Increasing operational efficiencies through one unified CMS that drives all sub site design, architecture, and content

Multisite Management

NavigationArts is a leading implementer of the Sitecore CMS and, with the HealthSouth redesign, took on one of its largest digital consolidation projects to date: the unification of the main HealthSouth corporate website and 105 hospital websites onto one Sitecore platform.

NavigationArts’ Information Architects designed a user interface that allows the HealthSouth corporate entity to lock certain blocks of content on the website – say for company-wide marketing or research efforts – but gives individual hospitals the flexibility to augment content suited especially for their community. Putting power into the hands of individual content management teams, while maintaining centralized corporate oversight, has created a holistic digital presence for HealthSouth. Finally, the company has a recognizable identity, regardless of where in the country the hospital is located.

In response to the ever-increasing need for comprehensive medical rehabilitation services, HealthSouth continues to expand by building new hospitals in communities across the nation. To support this mission, NavigationArts created a system for launching micro-sites to begin advertising and hiring staff up to six months in advance of opening a new location. These micro-sites follow the same cloning approach employed for the hospital websites and are maintained in Sitecore.

Project Results Include:

  • Dissolution of web team communication barriers as remote teams work with the corporate office to align initiatives
  • Ability for HR to recruit at the local level
  • Exposure of HealthSouth community involvement to people who understand the distinct needs of their town or city
  • Realization of tremendous content reuse capabilities across the organization that effectively reduce the manpower and time needed to update website content

Sitecore Highlights:

  • Multisite – Sitecore powers the corporate website as well as 105 individual hospital sites.
  • Content cloning – HealthSouth is able to easily deploy new hospital sites and update content across websites from a centralized content repository.
  • Multi-language – All websites sites support content in multiple languages based on the needs of each facility’s community.
  • Custom workflow – the architecture of the solution allows HealthSouth corporate web managers to manage most of the content for all of the individual hospital sites, but allows localized material to be managed by users at hospital locations.
  • API integration – A custom connection to HealthSouth’s Taleo account displays local job listings for each individual hospital website.



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