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Rethink NewsBreitbart News Network

“Not only did NavigationArts rise to the challenge but they also developed a state-of-the-art platform which will provide us with a competitive advantage as we continue to grow the organization.”

Steve Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Network


Winner of the Web Marketing Association's 2012 News Standard of Excellence

Winner of Sitecore's 2012 Best Media Site of the Year Award

Return On Investment

In the first six months after launch specific KPI’s have resulted in dramatic improvements. The results of the solution and thoughtful pathways to content, monetization, and search improvements have had an immediate and positive effect on the site.

  • Decreased bounce rate by 30%
  • Increased average page views per user by 80%
  • Increased time on site by 75%
  • Realized an 80% increase in revenue from increased and targeted monetization channels

“The relaunch of our website provides us with a state-of-the-art platform to realize the vision Andrew Breitbart established of a leading-edge news organization founded on the principles of ‘Citizen Journalism’ and dedicated to more voices, not less,” said Solov, President of Breitbart News Network. “NavigationArts played a key role in the development of that vision. Not only working closely with us to establish a brand that could stand the test of time, but also developing a technology platform that will provide us with a competitive edge for years to come.”

The Challenge and its five affiliated sites, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Peace, and Breitbart TV, serve five million daily visitors real-time access to top news and commentary. Each website had its own dedicated following but there was no one central brand. In effect the sites were a sea of links without prioritization or the ability to target specific audiences. The challenge was to centralize the brand without losing the loyalty of the independent communities, boost revenues by fully monetizing the Breitbart content, and also provide the Breitbart web team with a state-of-the-art platform to easily and effectively react in real-time to the rapidly changing news cycle.

Brietbart reached out to NavigationArts at a crucial moment during the 2012 election cycle for a comprehensive redesign and re-launch of the entire web-based news platform. An aggressive timeline was set to launch the site on the heels of the first round of Primaries in early March, just days before Super Tuesday.

The Solution

NavigationArts and Breitbart embarked on a major initiative to re-define the Breitbart online properties. The first phase consisted of a complete redesign and re-launch of the Breitbart family of websites. A pivotal change was the consolidation of all six brands into a single digital platform and the creation of a singular brand, the Breitbart News Network. The second phase of the project will include mobile and tablet optimization, major social media enhancements, and additional features and functionality.

Working closely with Andrew Breitbart and the rest of the Breitbart News Network team, NavigationArts completed the first phase of the project in a scant 3 months. The new platform achieves the goal of centralizing the brand and significantly improving the usability and sophistication of the new Engaging visuals, prominent headlines, and user-generated comments help Breitbart effectively set the context of the news of the day and truly highlight the story within the story.

To fully realize Breitbart’s vision, NavigationArts implemented an adjustable home page layout that lets the Breitbart team react and prioritize the news in real-time, using a drag-and-drop interface for key sections of the site. Articles can be easily grouped and repositioned as the news and priorities change. The integration of Google and other advertising streams, discussion and community forums, as well as a polling platform helps to engage users and empower the community.

Sitecore CMS

To support the content-heavy site, NavigationArts and Breitbart selected the Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform as the dual content management and analytics platform. NavArts created a seamless content entering, editing, and publishing interface across the entire Breitbart family of sites. The Sitecore DMS integrated analytics platform delivers proprietary traffic analysis, multivariate testing functionality, and a host of mature analysis tools linked directly to the CMS. In addition to using the out-of-the-box intuitive interface that Sitecore provides, NavigationArts extended it by creating a custom “drag-and-drop” canvas for an area called the “Breitbart Canvas” that allows for specific styling and unorthodox grouping of content.

Project Results Include:

  • A single and prominent brand, visual signal, and message.
  • A site architecture with clear pathways to information and tools that engage and empower individual users.
  • A flexible and extensible solution for mobile, tablet and social media that can accommodate future Breitbart “Big” areas.
  • A robust commenting/rating engine and a means of extending and monetizing video and other multimedia content.
  • Real-time business intelligence that allows for a more dynamic content mix that is editorially guided and user curated.
  • A more attractive platform for advertisers and areas designed to prominently display advertising without overwhelming the web site

Social Media Strategy

The future of Breitbart is dependent upon the effective use of Social Media. As part of the next phase of the Breitbart relaunch, NavigationArts will be working with Breitbart to develop a rich social media strategy that transforms how the company connects with its followers. In an evaluation of Breitbart’s social media usage, NavArts found that it had been almost 2 years since a new post had appeared on the Breitbart facebook wall, resulting in major discrepancy between “Likes” and actual conversation around Breitbart content. In addition, the company’s twitter strategy was based upon the personal twitter activity of Andrew Breitbart. As part of the development of the new master brand the Breitbart News Network will develop a new organizational social media strategy.

Working with Breitbart, NavArts is developing a new social media strategy aimed at striking a balance between posting frequency and quality. NavArts will be working with Breitbart to implement an easy-to-use infrastructure for maintaining not only the social media presence for the main Breitbart social media presence but also those of the subbrands; Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Peace, and Breitbart TV.

Other social media endeavors:

  • Development of a social media staffing plan, emphasizing the importance of having a team dedicated full-time to social media upkeep.
  • Suggested fan interaction techniques, like developing custom question and comment fields such as “What do you want Breitbart to talk about in 2012?”
  • Implementation of the Breitbart brand into Twitter’s new Brand Pages, making Breitbart one of the first media platforms to have its own Twitter theme.

The Client

The Breitbart News Network (“Breitbart”) is the brainchild of the new media visionary Andrew Breitbart, an advocate of citizen journalism and a leader in redefining the creation and distribution of online news. The Breitbart News Network is known for uncovering and exposing the left-wing bias of many of the established institutions in America today.



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